To perform an update on a Poly StudioX30 or Poly StudioX50 using Microsoft Teams admin center, first you need to deploy these Collaboration bars in your Microsoft Tenant environment.
There are already several blogs present on the Internet, where this is explained on what to do and how to do. So this is not in the current scope of the article.
In this article it is assumed that the deployment part already has been taken care of. And if not, please proceed with the initial deployment first.

After the initial deployment of the collaboration bar, browse to the StudioX30 or StudioX50 IP Address and login. In the Menu under General settings, there is a Device Management option. Select this option.

Device management
Figure 1

Check before you start, if the Microsoft Teams Device Management is selected in the Download Update From: See also Figure 2.
The result of selecting this option for systems using the Microsoft Teams Rooms application, will disables other update controls on the page. This is a important part, so that only versions are installed which are tested by Microsoft.

Figure 2

So the next step is to login into your Microsoft Tenant and go to the Microsoft Teams admin center. And select under the Devices, the Collaboration bars menu. Here you will find all of the deployed StudioX30 and StudioX50 Collaboration bars in your Tenant.

Select the bar which need to be updated and click on the 1 Update available link.
The following options will appear:
Firmware auto-update and Manual updates.

Figure 4

Select the Manual updates option. There is also a possibility present to schedule the update with a specific Timezone, date and time. But we will proceed without an schedule.

In the Collaboration bars overview, you see that the Action has chanced to software Update Initiated.

Software update Initiated
Figure 5

On the Device management page, there will appear a progress bar as shown below.

Figure 6

And at this moment time is your friend. It can take over more then 1:30 hour, before any change can be noticed. So be very patience. When looking into the History on Microsoft Teams admin center, the status can even say TimedOut, while the update is still in progress.

Figure 7

But after a period of time, the update will start to perform and the status bar will change also

Figure 8

After installing the update, the device will reboot by itself

Figure 9

And after the reboot, the update is completed and in Microsoft Teams admin center the Collaboration bar Action field will be empty.

note. If there is a TC8 connected as shown in Figure 2, this device should be updated as well. But there where some issues encountered that need to be addressed first and will be published when answered.

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