Let me introduce myself.

My name is Cerberus, I have more then 30 Years of experience in the IT World.

These experience are buildup from data communications networks with protocols like X.25 and have been extended in time  with Routing, Switching, QoS and Security
on several Cisco and HP Products.
Other key words from the early days, which could be nice to mention I think, are Eurocom (Motorola 6800 Microprocessor) Apple II, Acorn Atom, Tandy TRS 80, IBM PS/2 Model 30.
All worked with during my student period. Nice remark is that my current smart phone, has more processor power and storage these days.

It then moves also to the Servers like HP Netservers and Compaq Proliant which all have BEEN migrated  into HP Proliant Server model DL/ML and BladeSystems.
Started to work with Microsoft Windows when it was called NT3.51 and Windows 3.0/3.11 for Workgroups and MS-DOS 5.0 on your PC.
My first MCSE certification came a little bit later and was on Windows 2000.

I also have a long period of experience on Ericsson MD110, Aastra MX-ONE PBX Solutions and Mitel PBX Solutions.
This was also the start on getting focused in the past decade on Unified Communication and Collaboration.
And still focussing on that part with a strong direction to Cloud Solutions.
Not only on Microsoft product like Skype for Business/ Microsoft Phone Systems/Microsoft 365, but also still on other Vendor product.

Achieved Certification throughout the years :

MSCA 2000, MSCE 2000,MSCA 2003, MCSE 2003, MCSA Office 365, MCSE Communication.
CCNA, Cisco Security Specialist 1, CCSP, INFOSEC Professional, CNSS 4013.
HP ASE/AIS Proliant DL/ML and BladeSystems.
HP ASE ProCurve Campus LAN.

Kemp Certified Professional